Maximize Your Week

For yourself & your calendar

Jeff Sanders

Jeff Sanders

Productivity coach & #1 podcast host

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If you start off every Monday feeling overbooked and overwhelmed, it might be time to learn how to break free from distractions. Join Jeff Sanders, host of Apple’s #1 productivity podcast “The 5 AM Miracle,” as he helps you maximize your week with actionable time management strategies so you can feel your best and achieve your grandest goals.

What You'll Learn

  • How to clear your calendar of all “nonsense,” fillers, and distractions

  • Ways to break the cycle of postponement and procrastination
  • A simple strategy to guarantee time for self-care 


11 Episodes



1.Why Your Calendar is Broken (Hint: It's Because You're Too Busy!)


Learn a simple solution for when you’ve simply taken on too much.

2. Healthy Habits of High Achievers


Prioritize your body and mind by developing health and fitness habits that support your productivity goals.

3. One Goal at a Time


Accomplish big goals and achieve more in the long term by simplifying and segmenting your project list at any given moment.

4. Trim the Fat


Identify time-wasters and eliminate them from your calendar without feeling guilty about saying, “No.”

5. Procrastination on Purpose


Understand the nature of procrastination and get in the habit of postponing non-urgent items on your to do list. Focus on what needs to get done now!

6. Find Your Flow


Protect yourself from distractions by solidifying boundaries around designated blocks of time.

7. Break Free From Your Inbox


Pick up a few simple tools that will transform your inbox from a disaster zone into an organized, accessible, and stress-free experience.

8. Tackle Your To-Do’s


Track and organize your tiny but important tasks with these suggested apps that keep things simple, organized, and productive.

9. Reflect, Review, Redo


Practice building time into your schedule to reflect on, review, and redo what works (and eliminate what doesn’t).

10. Design Your Ideal Calendar


Streamline your scheduling and up your productivity when you learn how to build a new-and-improved calendar from the ground up.

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