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Making Healthy Choices

Personally and Professionally, a course by Rudolph Tanzi.

Rudolph Tanzi

Rudolph Tanzi

Professor of Neurobiology at Harvard

Making Healthy Choices
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As a proponent of “radical well-being”, Deepak Chopra wants to fundamentally shift the way we think about our physical, social and emotional health. He and Harvard neurobiologist Rudolph Tanzi argue that well-being at the cellular level depends on emotional regulation, sleep, nutrition, and exercise. They advocate proactive, lifelong health measures rather than waiting around for something to go wrong. In this masterclass, you’ll get a toolkit for making healthy choices to benefit your emotional, physical, and mental well being and that of your employees.

What You'll Learn

  • How to improve your genetic activity
  • How can healthy lifestyle improve your life

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2 Episodes

1. Evolve Your Emotions


We live in our emotions, explains renowned medical researcher Dr. Rudolph Tanzi. Our emotions and overall outlook on life correspond to different parts of the brain. How you decide to approach your life determines which parts of your brain become activated. If you allow fear and worry to rule you, the brain stem is exercised. If you embrace things like creativity, empathy, and community, you activate the frontal cortex.These decisions — the choices you make in how you want to live life — have ...

2. Impact Your Well-being on a Cellular Level


In this lesson, Dr. Rudolph Tanzi makes the case that healthy lifestyle changes may not only help you feel better today but may help you prevent the expression of genes that cause disease. This understanding comes from the science of epigenetics, or gene activity.

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