Leverage Your Limits

How To Live Better Within Reality

Oliver Burkeman

Oliver Burkeman

The Guardian Columnist & Author

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In a world of extreme abundance, it can be hard to cope with our limitations. As a journalist who has focused on productivity for most of his career, The Guardian columnist Oliver Burkeman wants to show you not only how to accept those limitations, but also how to thrive with uncompromisingly finite resources. Sometimes the tool you need the most is a fresh perspective.

What You'll Learn

  • How to identify actual, non-negotiable limits in your life
  • How to stop wasting precious resources like time, money, and attention
  • Ways to leverage limit-embracing perspectives to use your resources better 


7 Episodes

1. Introduction to Human Limitations


Learn the difference between breaking through false limits, and fully confronting actual, non-negotiable limitations. Also: the problem with limit-denying fantasies.

2. Limits of Time


Confront the reality that it is not actually possible to do everything that “matters.” Learn about the Importance Trap, and exercises to help you productively employ the time you actually have.

3. Limits of Knowledge


Beware of the pathologies of planning, research, and analysis. Begin using goals as navigators instead of targets.

4. Limits of Money


First, get off the hedonic treadmill. Learn to “pay yourself first” as the epitome of limit-embracing money management, and create impulse buffers.

5. Limits of Attention


Come to fully understand the perils of the attention economy, and that what you attend to is what your life is. Distraction helps us avoid confronting limitations (which is...bad).

6. Limits of Relationships & Experiences


Learn how modern communication technology distorts and obscures the number of friendships and experiences it is actually possible to have.

7. Limits of Control


Model the Stoic dichotomy of control, and practice letting go of the things that are outside your sphere of influence. Try out some Cosmic Insignificance Therapy.

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