How to Be a Part-Time Entrepreneur

Overcome entrepreneurship FOMO

Patrick McGinnis

Patrick McGinnis

Serial part-time entrepreneur

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Become a boss at being your own boss. Serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist Patrick McGinnis, best known for being the creator of the term FOMO (“fear of missing out”), will teach you how. From understanding your resources and building an action plan, to finding and evaluating your first venture, this course will help you build autonomy and wealth at the helm of your own individual enterprise.

What You'll Learn

  • How to create entrepreneurial ventures – with just 10% of your time 
  • Understanding the power of your time, money, skills, and network 
  • Ways to assess and maximize potential business opportunities 


11 Episodes



1. Why You Should Become a Part-Time Entrepreneur


Find out how to become a 10% entrepreneur, and learn about the 5 key benefits of this approach.

2. The Three Types of Part-Time Entrepreneurship


Get an overview of what it means—and what it takes—to be a founder, angel, and advisor.

3. Understanding Your Resources (Time, Money, Skills, and Network) – Part 1


Begin to unravel the resources needed to become a part-time entrepreneur, starting with time and money.

4. Understanding Your Resources (Time, Money, Skills, and Network) – Part 2


Continue exploring the assets needed to run your own start-up, this time focusing on skills and network.

5. How to Build Your Action Plan


Focus on laying the groundwork and planning milestones to get you to your entrepreneurial goal.

6. Deep Dive: How to Be an Angel or Advisor


Follow these five steps to begin a flexible, powerful career as a part-time angel investor or advisor.

7. Deep Dive: How to be a Part-Time Founder


Learn how to make sure your founding role remains a part-time job, and how to know when it’s right to go full-time.

8. How to Find Your First Venture


Develop a deliberate approach and compelling pitch to seek out your very first venture.

9. Deep Dive: How to Assess a Potential Opportunity


Determine whether your first venture is an effective investment of your resources by learning to ask the right questions.

10. Deep Dive: How to Tackle Financial and Legal Issues


Explore ways to protect yourself by making smart decisions when it comes to contracts and negotiations.

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