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Real Mental Health Stories

Using case studies to find hope

Jordan Brown

Jordan Brown

Mental Health Advocate, Writer, and Entrepreneur

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Join mental health blogger and advocate Jordan Brown as he takes you on a journey through seven personal, real-life stories of dealing with difficult emotions. Whether you are dealing with depression, anxiety, jealousy, or regret, these stories provide a window into how other people have navigated these same issues, and how they have worked through challenging moments to process feelings, heal relationships, and move forward.

What You'll Learn

  • How to come to terms with unresolved negative emotions
  • How to overcome negative emotions
  • How other people have approached their emotional challenges—and how you can, too. 


7 Episodes

1. Overcoming Anxiety & Skin Picking


This is a story about body-focused repetitive behaviors. BFRPs are incredibly common, although most people don’t talk about them.

2. Regret and Forgiveness


You can’t do anything about what’s happened. You can only control what you do next.

3. A Sudden Disability Leads to Resilience


Leaning into resilience and asking for help when needed.

4. When Friendship Turns to Jealousy


Like waves, emotions pass. There will be big ones, and there will be small ones. And there will always be you underneath it all.

5. From Scared Child to Confident Adult


Fear makes us small and closed off from the world. There is greatness beyond that fear.

6. Caring For a Narcissist


What’s done is done. Moving forward, with acceptance, is the only way to handle things. You can’t keep doing what you’ve always done.

7. Facing Mortality, Finding Meaning


When you have nothing, you learn you can do anything.

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