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3min2022 APR 26
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新闻集锦︱专家:接吻可以保护牙齿,有益口腔健康 专家:接吻可以保护牙齿,有益口腔健康︱Kissing is as good for teeth asbrushing, dentist claims Smooching boostssaliva production and clears the mouth of the bad bacteria and acids that cause decay. 接吻可以促进唾液的分泌,清除口腔中腐蚀牙齿的有害细菌和酸。 Orthodontist Dr Khaled Kasem said people should kiss for four minutes a day on top of brushing andflossing. 正畸医生卡里德·卡西姆称,在刷牙和使用牙线的同时,可以每天接吻四分钟。 He said:“The main benefit of kissing is that it produces more saliva in your mouth.” 他说:“接吻主要好处是促进口腔分泌更多唾液。” “Saliva neutralizes the acids that sit on your teeth which helps to reduce your risk of getting tooth decay. It can also washbacteria off your teeth to reduce stubborn oral plaque.” “唾液能中和牙齿上的酸,有助于降低蛀牙的风险。还能清洁牙齿上的细菌,减少顽固的牙菌斑。” A daily snog also reduces infection risk because bacteria from your partner’s saliva boost you...

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