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1h 4min2022 JUN 6
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Patricia L'Dara, Soul Passage Midwife, is a spiritual pathfinder that helps souls through their end of life passages in ways that are inexplicable to the logical mind. Her first experience of this incredible process was with her mother in 1993. Prior to that time she had never been in a room with someone who was transitioning to the Higher Realms. She describes this sacred sojourn as deeply engaging, dynamic and celebratory. When people can shift theirperspectives to a moreexpansivevision, there is no fear of death. In her book, Song of Sight: An Introduction to Soul Passage Midwifery, Patricia shares inspiringpersonalaccounts of people from all walks of life whomshehas accompanied across the threshold. The second half of the book is dedicated to assisting families and professionals Patricia joins us to talk about our animal friends. Pets crossing over are very receptive to and appreciative of this work. This is likewise a very joyful and dynamic process. Patricia L'Dara site

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