Sound Health Options - Richard O ~ TalkToMeGuy & Sharry Edwards
1h 4min2018 AUG 27
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Unwarranted road blocks for search and seizure, drone strikes and theloss offreedom that every American is experiencing, ARE YOU AFRAIDof yourgovernment? Join us as Dale Carson, ex police officer who hasalmost four decades of FBI, Police, SWAT, private investigationshares his experiences and ideas of how we can protect ourselves. Dale Carson is the author ofArrest-Proof Yourselfthat shows us how NOT to get arrested. He will be providing the latest information aboutyour rights; and mistakes you may make with the authorities that couldland you in jail. Join Sharry and Richard for a show that may help you in protecting yourself and your loved ones. We will be discussing how to take a stand without getting arrested.

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