Breaking Bad Habits - The No-Willpower Approach

The fool-proof guide to quitting

Dr. Amy Johnson

Dr. Amy Johnson featured Psychologist

Breaking Bad Habits - The No-Willpower Approach
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The news you’ve been hoping for is here: breaking that pesky bad habit is easier than you thought! In this audio course, you’ll finally find a way out of your unbreakable bad habits, as Wall Street Journal-featured psychologist, author, and life coach Dr. Amy Johnson’s no-willpower approach revolutionizes your journey to quitting for good.

What You'll Learn

  • Why we develop bad (and good!) habits in the first place
  • The difference between bad habits, good habits, and addictions
  • The central role of insight in lasting behavioral change


6 Episodes

1. Basic Principles


Get a brief overview of Dr. Johnson’s no-willpower approach to breaking habits.

2. The Nature of Habits


Explore how habits are formed, and the differences between good habits, bad habits, and addictions.

3. Insight


Discover what insight really means, and how it can help you change unwanted behaviors.

4. How the Mind Works


Find out what brain plasticity is, and how the mind uses habits to solve problems.

5. Breaking Free


Zero in on your innate human resilience, and get on the road to ending bad habits forever.

6. Case Studies


Hear stories about people who have used the no-willpower approach to resolve internet addictions and solve deep, persistent relationship conflicts.

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