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You own a horse. Now what? The one thing for certain is your need to learn more. More about tack. More about horsemanship. More about care and feeding. More about everything horses. Follow our weekly podcast and you WILL learn more.
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149 Episodes

Gabrielle Diakon and Equestrian Yoga We last visited with Gabrielle Diakon, Gabby, nearly two years ago amid quarantine and COVID. Gabby is still doing yoga for equestrians and working with horses. Now, she is podcasting. Gabrielle Diakon's Rolling My Third Eye Podcast is available on all podcast platforms. Her show focuses on equestrian mindfulness and deals with fear, anxiety, and many other issues competitive horse riders deal with. But, Gabby has also widened the show to include mediation, yoga, and connection outside of the equestrian world. Her philosophies help people deal with the problems life throws their way. We chat about many topics in this episode. The importance of journaling and how it can help focus. We talk about the power of creative visualization. Gabby is very open and willingly shares stories of her life and experience. Gabby holds online Yoga for Equestrians every Wednesday night at 7 PM central. Links Heard in the Show GET HALF OFF YOUR FIRST YOGA SESSION HERE GMD Training Website Facebook Rolling My Third Eye Podcast Instagram: GMDTraining Email: Gdiakon@gmdtraining.com Welcome to Our New Sponsor EcoGold Saddle Pads Join Us on this Journey We want you to be a part of the show. Tell us about your horse. Share your challenges, triumphs, or just everyday items that make horse ownership unique. Create an audio file using the memo app on your phone. Or contact me and we'll set up a time to talk on Skype or phone. Perhaps what you have to share can help someone in THEIR horse journey. You are an enormous part of why we do a podcast. We really love getting your feedback. Please let us know your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions for the show. Email us at John@WhoaPodcast.com Thanks for listening. John & Ranae Episode #201 Support the Whoa Podcast with this Amazon Link. Checkout My YouTube Channel John Harrer & Horses

Cristobal Scarpati Horsemanship Cristobal Scarpati and I met at the 2014 Horseman Reunion in Paso Robles. There, among some of the top colt-starters of the time Buster McLaury, Trevor Carter, Mary Kitzmiller, Clayton Edsel, and Buddy Uldrickson, was Cristobal's father, Oscar. I was new to horsemanship and colt-starting. Oscar walked into the round pen with no equipment and no shoes. How was this trainer going to start this colt? Over the next three days, Oscar had his colt gentled and ready to ride. This year, his son, Cristobal Scarpati, travels to the U.S. to host a few exclusive clinics showing Scarpati Horsemanship. Cristobal's philosophy extends beyond the horse and into all aspects of life. He comes to share his knowledge about horses and life in his clinics. Cristobal is also available for private lessons.He is only in this country for a short time. Take this opportunity to see his work. Links Heard in the Show Wild Horse Diaries - Amber McGee The Wild Hope Website Event Page...

Building Rider Confidence Samantha Shanks-Husbands knows the importance of rider confidence. Once a rider loses confidence, especially an older rider, it is extremely difficult to get it back. Samantha works with equestrians of all ages and skill levels. Her techniques help riders focus on what is important. Breathing is especially important in her program. Samantha feels that proper breathing can lead to a calmer horse as well as relax a nervous rider. Another technique she uses is creative visualization. Seeing the outcome of your ride in your mind's eye, before the ride even occurs, can improve a rider's confidence. Another key to building rider confidence, Samantha believes, is groundwork. Working with your horse from the ground allows you to get to know and build a bond with your horse. Samantha talks about not being in a hurry to get on your horse if you are not a confident rider. Two of the influences Samantha credits for her interest are Mark Rashid and Philippa Unwin Links ...

Johanna Sheehe and Equine Law Johanna Sheehe has a lifelong passion for horses. Growing up on a farm, Johanna began riding around age 5. Her experience is in the English disciplines. For most of her life, she has been around Arabians, half Arabians, and national show horses. Recently, she has learned to jump horses. But Johanna also has a passion for equine law and blended the two together. Her Florida law firm, Sheehe & Associates, P.A. , has 45 years of experience in insurance litigation. The firm’s attorneys handle equine law, first- and third-party insurance claims, and insurance coverage issues for clients at every level of state and federal court. AttorneyJohanna Sheehe is a litigator at the firm, with experience representing corporations, insurance companies, and homeowners. She is an excellent resource for sharing her expertise in equine law. Johanna has been a featured guest in regional and national webinars. She has articles and interviews in Daily Business Review, Risk &...

Horseman Domenico Sumonte Domenico Sumonte considers himself more of a horse-Man than a horse trainer. I'm lucky enough to have an arena at the End of The Road Ranch where I can work my horses. One trainer that works out of this barn is Domenico Sumonte. In between working our horses, Dom and I struck up a friendship. In our casual conversations, I quickly learned Dom has experienced an exciting life with horses. I wanted to learn more about his life and philosophy. Dom is a self-taught horseman. He builds a relationship with a horse first. One technique Dom uses is to get the horses out on the trail first. The ag fields around the ranch provide a great working area. There is farm equipment, trash, and other things that help him "sack out" his horse. Riding is an adventure for Dom. Dom has ridden horses on the ancient roads of Rome. He has ridden in the mountains of Chile. One of Dom's favorite rides was the Pacific Crest Trail between Los Angeles and the Mojave Desert. I really lov...

Along for the Ride Symposium Recap On the last week of February 2022, we traveled to the South Point Casino for the Along for the Ride Symposium Andrea Fappani, Shawn Flarida, and Nick Dowers. The brainchild of Andrea Fappani, this first-time event, brought together the leading money winners in reining with the express purpose of sharing ideas about horse training. The symposium featured the colt starting technique of 2-time Road to the Horse Champion, Nick Dowers. Nick started two colts up to their first ride. Watching and asking questions were Andrea Fappani and Shawn Flarida. Spectators not only asked questions, they got to see and hear how these very experienced horsemen reacted to each other. The three-day event comprised day-long sessions from 8am until 4 PM. There were a few special guests, such as Arron Moses, champion Western Pleasure trainer. We got to see horses of varying ages and what they expected at different stages of their training. Nick Dowers, who competes n the C...

Sandy Collier, Hall of Fame Horsewoman Sandy Collier has an amazing life with horses. She was the first woman to win the Snaffle Bit Futurity. Her peers have inducted her into the Cowgirl Hall of Fame and the NRCHA Hall of Fame. Horse and Rider named her one of the Top 50 Riders of All-time in All Disciplines. In the last few years, she has judged at Road to the Horse and the Snaffle Bit Futurity. Along with cutting horse champion, Barbra Schulte, they team up offering clinics to improve horse show performance. It's fascinates me that someone as knowledgeable as Sandy is looking to learn more. When I mentioned the Along for the Ride Symposium in Las Vegas with Andrea Fappani, Nick Dowers, and Shawn Flarida, Sandy said she was attending. It is inspirational knowing that after decades of riding and teaching, Sandy Collier has a thirst for more knowledge. Links Heard on The Show Sandy Collier's Website Be Unstoppable with Sandy Collier and Barbra Schulte Sandy Collier Facebook Page Alo...

Sami Hernandez Diamond Crest Stables Sami Hernandez is a longtime horsewoman, trainer, and horse show judge headquartered at her Diamond Crest Stables in Bakersfield. Along with her husband, George, they have a ton of horsemanship experience teaching people and training horses. I really enjoy talking to both of them. Perhaps I can get George on the show in the future. You’d like him. While they deal with horses working at a higher level, they also work with novice and intermediate horses and riders too. They are very easy to talk to. Sami invited me to her barn. I feel so at home with the dogs barking, chickens clucking, and horses nickering. At times you might even hear the rain pounding on the metal roof. We set a table up right there in the alleyway, put the mics and recorder up, and sat around talkin’ horses. I hope you enjoy it too. I wanted to learn more about horse shows and showmanship. My horse and I plan on participating in horse shows this year and Sami not only shows, ...

Christmas Greetings 2021 I want to offer a Christmas Greeting for 2021. We had a pretty good year of shows. We began by talking with Dan Dauphin about bits. Dan has since begun his own podcast and is killing it with loads of great content. I hope you’ll check out his Adult Onset Horsemanship Podcast. We talked to my friend, Joanne Galbraith, who at 82 is still actively riding and full of stories growing up with horses. I really enjoy talking with some of the more - how to say it - riders in their golden years. People like Nancy McKnight who taught hundreds of children about horses through the Pony Club organization. And we visited Michelle Gilles, horsewoman and trainer, working to promote women and Horses. We explored new disciplines like Horseback Archery and competitive trail riding. My conversation with the owner of Billy Cook Saddle, Adam Trenk, about saddle making in today’s market had some great history about this respected company. We explored travel with Kate Pilcher and ...

Globetrotting Horse Adventures With Kate Pilcher We could all use a little vacation. Wouldn’t a horseback adventure be great? Sometimes it seems the civilized world has taken a temporary leave of common sense. But over the last 18 months, if you have a horse, you know there is one sure place to escape, the saddle. Kate Pilcher found her happy place when she escaped to Kenya. It was such a life-changing experience; she wanted to share it with others. Then she found a great adventure ride in South America, another one in France, and Ireland. People were having horseback adventures around the globe. Kate put all these trips and more together and started a business called Globetrotting. She puts people and horseback adventures together. Kate tests every ride she offers on her website. Each posted adventure has most of the details you need to know to prepare for the trip. In the rides I looked at, I could see the breed of horse they trip used, the type of tack, the time in the saddle. A...

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