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47min2022 APR 5
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Horseman Domenico Sumonte Domenico Sumonte considers himself more of a horse-Man than a horse trainer. I'm lucky enough to have an arena at the End of The Road Ranch where I can work my horses. One trainer that works out of this barn is Domenico Sumonte. In between working our horses, Dom and I struck up a friendship. In our casual conversations, I quickly learned Dom has experienced an exciting life with horses. I wanted to learn more about his life and philosophy. Dom is a self-taught horseman. He builds a relationship with a horse first. One technique Dom uses is to get the horses out on the trail first. The ag fields around the ranch provide a great working area. There is farm equipment, trash, and other things that help him "sack out" his horse. Riding is an adventure for Dom. Dom has ridden horses on the ancient roads of Rome. He has ridden in the mountains of Chile. One of Dom's favorite rides was the Pacific Crest Trail between Los Angeles and the Mojave Desert. I really lov...

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