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40min2022 JUN 7
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Gabrielle Diakon and Equestrian Yoga We last visited with Gabrielle Diakon, Gabby, nearly two years ago amid quarantine and COVID. Gabby is still doing yoga for equestrians and working with horses. Now, she is podcasting. Gabrielle Diakon's Rolling My Third Eye Podcast is available on all podcast platforms. Her show focuses on equestrian mindfulness and deals with fear, anxiety, and many other issues competitive horse riders deal with. But, Gabby has also widened the show to include mediation, yoga, and connection outside of the equestrian world. Her philosophies help people deal with the problems life throws their way. We chat about many topics in this episode. The importance of journaling and how it can help focus. We talk about the power of creative visualization. Gabby is very open and willingly shares stories of her life and experience. Gabby holds online Yoga for Equestrians every Wednesday night at 7 PM central. Links Heard in the Show GET HALF OFF YOUR FIRST YOGA SESSION HERE GMD Training Website Facebook Rolling My Third Eye Podcast Instagram: GMDTraining Email: Gdiakon@gmdtraining.com Welcome to Our New Sponsor EcoGold Saddle Pads Join Us on this Journey We want you to be a part of the show. Tell us about your horse. Share your challenges, triumphs, or just everyday items that make horse ownership unique. Create an audio file using the memo app on your phone. Or contact me and we'll set up a time to talk on Skype or phone. Perhaps what you have to share can help someone in THEIR horse journey. You are an enormous part of why we do a podcast. We really love getting your feedback. Please let us know your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions for the show. Email us at John@WhoaPodcast.com Thanks for listening. John & Ranae Episode #201 Support the Whoa Podcast with this Amazon Link. Checkout My YouTube Channel John Harrer & Horses

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