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50min2022 JAN 4
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Sami Hernandez Diamond Crest Stables Sami Hernandez is a longtime horsewoman, trainer, and horse show judge headquartered at her Diamond Crest Stables in Bakersfield. Along with her husband, George, they have a ton of horsemanship experience teaching people and training horses. I really enjoy talking to both of them. Perhaps I can get George on the show in the future. You’d like him. While they deal with horses working at a higher level, they also work with novice and intermediate horses and riders too. They are very easy to talk to. Sami invited me to her barn. I feel so at home with the dogs barking, chickens clucking, and horses nickering. At times you might even hear the rain pounding on the metal roof. We set a table up right there in the alleyway, put the mics and recorder up, and sat around talkin’ horses. I hope you enjoy it too. I wanted to learn more about horse shows and showmanship. My horse and I plan on participating in horse shows this year and Sami not only shows, ...

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