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42min2022 MAY 10
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Building Rider Confidence Samantha Shanks-Husbands knows the importance of rider confidence. Once a rider loses confidence, especially an older rider, it is extremely difficult to get it back. Samantha works with equestrians of all ages and skill levels. Her techniques help riders focus on what is important. Breathing is especially important in her program. Samantha feels that proper breathing can lead to a calmer horse as well as relax a nervous rider. Another technique she uses is creative visualization. Seeing the outcome of your ride in your mind's eye, before the ride even occurs, can improve a rider's confidence. Another key to building rider confidence, Samantha believes, is groundwork. Working with your horse from the ground allows you to get to know and build a bond with your horse. Samantha talks about not being in a hurry to get on your horse if you are not a confident rider. Two of the influences Samantha credits for her interest are Mark Rashid and Philippa Unwin Links ...

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