25min2022 APR 15
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About This Episode: What is the future of drug delivery for patients, and how do we get there? In this episode, Dr Shawn Davis, who leads the Drug Delivery team of the Biopharmaceuticals Development organization at AstraZeneca, lays out a bold vision discussing how the future of drug delivery is patients interacting less with their disease, and what steps we can take to make that future a reality. Key Takeaways: How companies can de-risk drug delivery innovationsHow the current moment in drug delivery is shaping our long-term visionBalancing the competitive landscape, portfolio and patient needs About the Speaker: Shawn Davis, PhD is an Executive Director at AstraZeneca and leads the Drug Delivery team of the Biopharmaceuticals Development organization. The team improves patients’ lives by ensuring AZ’s therapies are as safe, effective, and convenient as possible using technologies that target the delivery of medicines to the site of action and optimizing their effective half-life. This requires the evaluation, development, and commercialization of drug delivery technologies across a wide range of modalities in the biopharmaceutical space. Areas of program delivery include: intracellular delivery of nucleic acids, controlled release of antibodies for less frequent dosing, novel routes of administration for therapeutic benefit, and co-delivery of multiple therapeutic molecules. Dr Davis also serves as the CMC leader for early stage assets in the portfolio. For more information about drug delivery,click here.

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