25min2022 APR 14
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About This Episode: Current efforts to source and disseminate patient insights in clinical trial planning are expensive and time-consuming. In this episode, Fabio Gratton, CEO and Co-Founder of InVibe, which was recently acquired by THREAD Research, discusses how patient voice listening technology is enhancing and disrupting clinical research by making it easier to collect and use patient responses. The result could be more patient-centric trials informed by the actual patient voice. Key Takeaways: How current listening technology can accurately capture and convey patient responses, emotion and perspectiveThe difference from current methods of sourcing patient feedbackNext steps in the journey of making trials more patient-centric About the Speaker: Fabio Gratton, Co-Founder and CEO of inVibe, part of THREAD Research, is a digital health entrepreneur. For over two decades he has adapted his early experience as a Hollywood scriptwriter with innate acumen in science and data to redefi...

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