25min2022 APR 14
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About the Episode: Creating options for patients with decentralized clinical trials can provide tremendous benefits for certain patients and indications. In this podcast, Labcorp’s Linda Ross, Associate Director of Commercial Strategy, Decentralized Clinical Trials, brings an on-the-ground perspective to the benefit of incorporating decentralized strategies into your clinical trial approach. Having worked on multiple sides of clinical research, Ms Ross is using her experience running clinical trials via flexible approaches to discuss how, after COVID, the industry can and should continue broader applications of flexible, decentralized clinical trials. Key Takeaways: How to convey the value of consistent DCT planning to sponsorsUnderstanding current attitudes and burdens around decentralizationThe next steps in wider adoption of flexible approaches About the Speaker: Linda Ross has over 20 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry and commenced work with Labcorp in Nov 2008 ...

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