32min2022 MAY 2
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About the Episode: The number of biotech companies out there makes the struggle to find good talent and good outsourcing partners more difficult and more expensive. As a biotech CMO, working with a CRO more worried about delivering their margins than delivering on what you need leads to an insourcing problem of being inappropriately staffed and an outsourcing problem of not being serviced. In this podcast, Joe Arcangelo, Co-founder & Managing Partner, InSeption Group, and Dr Steven Zelenkofske, CMO, SwanBio Therapeutics discuss how the biotech and CRO industries have evolved and how you can identify the best partner for your needs. Key Takeaways: How to assess and select outsourcing partnersFocusing on the individuals assigned to your company as opposed to the entire CRODetermining when to outsource and what model to useIntegrating CROs while remaining nimble and flexible as a biotech

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