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30min2022 JUN 16
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In this episode, Dr. David Hanscom talks with Kendra Bloom, LMHC, a somatic psychotherapist who combines neuroscience, holistic healing arts and psychotherapy to help people transform their lives. She shares her insights about the foundations of the healing process—awareness, connection and validation. She explains that the first step is calming down the nervous system so clients can feel relational safety and a sense of connection. Awareness comes through breath work, naming what feels real and getting in touch with body state. She helps them learn to process emotions and validate their feelings so they can begin healing. Kendra Bloom is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, PACT-Trained Couples Therapist, Somatic Psychotherapist and Certified Intuitive Energy Healer. Kendra combines modern neuroscience with the holistic healing arts, positive psychology and body-based practices to create a dynamic and experiential method of transformation on all levels. She holds master’s degrees in both Sexuality Studies and Counseling Psychology, and enjoys weaving these skills with over a decade of deep spiritual inquiry, yogic study, and love of the embodied arts. Through groups, workshops and individual or couples sessions, Kendra has supported hundreds of people with a process of radical transformation. For more information, visit: https://www.kendra-bloom.comPain, Chronic Pain, Healing,

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