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27min2022 JUN 2
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In this episode, Dr. David Hanscom talks with cannabis use consultant and dispensary owner Bianca Blesching. She shares the history of cannabis as well as the different types of cannabis and their healing properties. She explains the different types of the Sativa cannabis plant in use today – Marijuana which is THC dominant, and Hemp which is CBD dominant. She also discusses how each type is used, the differences in the way men and women metabolize cannabis and that cannabis can be regarded as a wellness, rebalancing and self-healing tool. Bianca Blesching, MFA, began her work in medicinal cannabis-derived products in 2004 as a cultivator and provider of legal medical products to dispensaries. Since then, she has owned a dispensary, become a cannabis-use consultant, and established UVAL Care, an online store and information resource for CBD products. Bianca, who is passionate about communicating the health benefits of CBD in ways that everyone can understand, lives with her partner, two horses, and border collie in Reno, Nevada.. For more information, visit:

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