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26min2022 JUN 30
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In this episode, Dr. David Hanscom talks with Victor Perton, founder of the Australian Leadership Project and the Center for Optimism. He shares how his life’s work shifted from law and politics to a focus on how to develop greater optimism. He learned that few people are made optimistic by leadership or work, but instead by having faith in something. He explains that simple habits – e.g., adding more walking and movement to your daily routine, greeting people you encounter, and asking positive questions like ‘what’s been the best thing in your day?’ – can make you feel more optimistic as well as those around you. Victor Perton is the Chief Optimism Officer of The Centre for Optimism. The offspring of stateless refugees from the Baltics, Victor's early working years were spent in the law, politics and public policy culminating in 18 years in the legislature. After politics, Victor worked as Commissioner to the Americas working across North and South America on Foreign Direct Investment and Export Promotion. This was followed by service as Senior Advisor to the Australian G20 Presidency. Returning to Melbourne, Victor was surprised by the negativity around leadership and increasing levels of anxiety and depression on our community. This led to the founding of The Australian Leadership Project and, after a Eureka moment, the founding of its offspring The Centre for Optimism. For more information, visit:

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