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25min2022 JUL 21
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In this episode, Dr. David Hanscom continues his discussion with Dr. Thomas Verny, psychiatrist and best-selling author of The Embodied Mind. He explains the concept of the embodied mind as a form of “cellular intelligence.“ While traditional neuroscience regards mind as an emergent property of the physical brain, the embodied mind posits that mind is dependent on the entire body, not just the brain. He shares numerous examples of the embodied mind at work including: the relationship between gut health and mental health, the plaques that are thought to cause Alzheimer's disease originating in the liver, and the experience of heart transplant patients adopting characteristics of the donor’s personality. Dr. Thomas R Verny is a psychiatrist, Founding President of APPPAH, the Association for Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Health, Founding Editor-in Chief of the APPPAH Journal, author of 47 scientificpapers and eight books including the international best seller,The Secret Life of the Unborn Child,publishedin 27 countries and the recently released,The Embodied Mind.The Embodied Mind shows how intelligence andconsciousness—traits traditionally attributed to the brain alone—permeate ourentire being. Whether or not we can consciously access a memory, thelivedevent has left an imprint on our cells and tissues. This is one reason why heart transplants carrymemories of the donors. For more information, visit:

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