Stop Child Abuse Now
1h 29min2022 JUL 12
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Tonight's special guest is Justin 'Jae' Johnson from Houston, Texas. He was adopted and never really knew his biological family. "My adoptive father was an abusive man that beat my adoptive mother and me every time he was upset or drunk," said Jae. "He used guns or anything to serve as a weapon to hurt us. He goes on, "We lived in fear. We had no voice! We couldn't go anywhere." As a child, Jae was trapped in his family. "I had to stay there and endure his wrath until I was able to leave home."He decidedto be everything his father wasn’t. "I wanted to make a name for myself but most importantly, I wanted to help empower others to use there voice and to believe in themselves."After having many jobs and many experiences and traveling the world for work, hedecided to becomea Global life coach and motivational speaker. "I am just a simple human that desires to spread love and kindness in this world," Jae says. "I created a business called Intangible Motivation as my social platforms to...

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