Stop Child Abuse Now
1h 29min2022 JUL 21
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Tonight's special guest is Nathan Spiteri, born in Australia, a survivor of male sexual abuse. He just released his memoir, 'Toy Cars'. Eight-year-old Nathan was enjoying the crowded swimming pool on a hot summer day. A man followed the boy into the changing room. “He looked like any other middle-aged white man,” says Nathan. What followed was a brutal assault that left the very small boy lying on the floor, bleeding and crying. “For me, this was just the beginning.” Over the next three years, Nathan experienced 'trauma bonding'. The 40-year-old pedophile claimed the boy's own parents and siblings hated him. After three years, Nathan found his abuser had moved. “I was heartbroken,” he says. “It was exactly like breaking up with someone you love.” He completely withdrew from his family. “I’d sit inside playing with my toy cars while my siblings played outside on the street.” In his teenage years his sexual urges focused mostly on men. “I’d ride my bike to strip clubs and lounges where I could have sex with men.” He moved to Sydney, a city that readily provided all the cocaine, heroin and sex he could handle. Eventually even Sydney became too small, so Nathan moved to New York City. By early 2011 his trauma became full-blown rage. He ended up desperate and using heroin. One day he told his story to a friend and a weight was lifted. He started one-on-one and group therapy. In 2016, Nathan’s psychologist suggested he write his experience down as a form of therapy. "I'm starting to do a lot more speaking engagements surrounding child abuse," Nathan says. "I have a Ted talk coming up and a movie script has been written about my story."

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