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49 min2020 AUG 6
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5 Key Habits of Successful Real Estate Agents


We’re in the midst of an economic shift, but that doesn’t necessarily spell disaster. If we can follow in the footsteps of top producers, we’ll see great results regardless of the state of the market. 
Top agents understand that their habits during economic declines shouldn’t be too different from what they do in economic upswings. It all comes down to cultivating effective habits.
Which habits do we need to bring into our business routines, and how can we adapt them for maximum results? 
In this episode I’m joining Jeff Pfitzer, General Manager at USA Mortgage and host of the Lab Coat Agents Podcast, to discuss the habits that keep top producers successful in any market. 

Whether we’re successful or not all comes down to one thing, habits. -Michael Hellickson
Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

Why top producers don’t rely on one lead generation sourceOver the past few years, referrals have not been contributing as much towards the average agent’s business. This trend will only continue as we head into a down market. We have to adapt to the changes and diversify our lead flows. 
How successful agents eliminate competition during follow-upStand out to consumers by being the first and only agent they speak to. Follow up with leads within 20 seconds and keep them on the line for at least 5 minutes. Once we’ve used that time to build rapport, most leads won’t contact other agents, and most agents won’t try follow up. 
How being considerate helps us convertA lot of agents make the mistake of having buyers be pre-approved, because that makes our lives easier. Newsflash: We should be making their lives easier. Take clients on one appointment before asking for pre-approval or pre-qualification.

Guest Bio
Jeff Pfitzer is the General Manager at USA Mortgage over the areas of St Louis and other Midwest markets. Jeff is also the host of the Lab Coat Agents Podcast. 
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