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17 min2020 SEP 10
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The Agents Who Have Tough Conversations WIN w/Matt Johnson and Greg McDaniel


Technology and social norms have given us an opt-out of difficult conversations, and most agents jump at the chance to avoid uncomfortable topics. However, if we want to maximize our results, we have to be willing to dive into unsettling discussions. 
As more people lean into text messages to convey tough realities, communicating in-person has become an art form. We have to master the art of talking about potential challenges with our clients, face to face.
Still, a lot of us simply lack confidence. How can we become more comfortable with having uncomfortable conversations? Does sharing hard truths with our clients make us more likely to fail or succeed?
In this crossover episode, Co-Hosts of the Real Estate Uncensored podcast, Matt Johnson and Greg McDaniel join me to discuss how to approach tough topics. 

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 
How to make difficult conversations less awkward for everyone involved:
Simply not making eye contact is a great way to ease the pressure of an uncomfortable situation. Create a matter-of-fact dialogue with minimal eye contact to avoid embarrassment all-round. 
Why we need to stop fearing fallout from hard truths:
Our clients are happiest when they get what they want, so don’t be afraid to tell them about anything standing in their way. It’s easier to engineer a solution when all the cards are on the table.
How honesty helps build trust from our earliest interactions:
Cliche as it may sound, honesty is the best policy. Being upfront with our clients from day one shows them we have their best interests at heart.