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27 min2020 OCT 1
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ClubWealth️: A Unique Coaching Platform for Real Estate Agents w/D.J. Paris


When times get tough, most people struggle to feel motivated, and real estate professionals are no exception. 2020 has brought its fair share of challenges and many of us have been left feeling less than inspired. How can we get back into the zone? 
The truth is, no matter what’s going on in the world, there will always be an opportunity for us to see great results. Sometimes we just need someone else to help us see where those opportunities lie. 
Coaching is undoubtedly the best way to build successful businesses in any market, but how can we be sure we’re working with the best coach for our own needs? 
In this episode, host of the Keeping it Real podcast, D.J. Paris and I speak about the importance of coaching and what makes ClubWealth️ unique. 
If you want to climb to the top of the mountain, you need to go with someone who has done it before. -Michael Hellickson
Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 
How to be sure we’re working with the right coach: When we decide to hire a coach, we have to find someone who has been where we want to be. Don’t expect to be guided by someone who hasn’t taken the path themselves.
How to re-think accountability: Many of us feel uncomfortable admitting that we need help, but all of us need someone to guide us in the right direction. Most agents simply don’t have the motivation to follow through on goals on their own, and that’s okay!
How ClubWealth️ goes beyond holding clients accountable: While many coaching programs stop at accountability, ClubWealth️ gives agents the tools to take action. Don’t settle for being told to follow through, ask for the roadmap. 
Guest Bio
D.J. Paris is the President of Sales and Marketing at Kale Realty. He is passionate about helping agents learn more from top producers who may not have time to coach, but are happy to share their successes. D.J. started the Keeping it Real podcast as a way to connect agents with the best information available. D.J. is also the owner of DJP3, a digital consulting firm aimed at helping small businesses build their brands and generate leads with SEO, social media, new media, and email campaigns. 
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