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17 min2020 DEC 3
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From Amateur to Unforgettable in 7 minutes w/Peter Schravemade


Property marketing significantly impacts the outcome of our transactions, but it’s still one of the least prioritized and polished areas of real estate. It’s not enough to just post photos of a property, there is a critical list of features our listings need to have in order to stand out in the MLS and position us as professionals. In this pandemic era, putting more effort into how we market our property makes us more relevant to the consumer. It’s guaranteed to make a noticeable impact on how people respond to our listings. Which areas do we need to up our game in order to have better listings? What is the biggest property photography mistake agents make? In this episode, I’m joined by speaker, property marketing expert, and strategic relationship manager at BoxBrownie.com, Peter Schravemade. He shares how we can make our listings stand out by making a few changes. Good property marketing sells homes faster and for more money. The agents who have done well during this pandemic period are making it a priority. -Peter Schravemade Things You’ll Learn In This Episode The 5 things consumers are looking for in our listings are good imagery, copy with all essential details, a floor plan, 360 virtual tour, and good video footage. All our listings need to be consistent at every price point. When seller prospects see that consistency in our brands, they know the quality of marketing their own home will get if they hire us. Our property marketing has to be dialed in before we even start generating leads and prospecting. Everything we put out into the market is part of an all-encompassing machine. It’s easy to tell if a photograph is professionally taken or edited. If photos of an interior room have hazy and bright windows, it makes our photos look unprofessional. Guest Bio: Peter Schravemade is a trainer, speaker, and photography and property marketing expert. He is the strategic relationship manager at BoxBrownie.com. BoxBrownie.com is revolutionizing the way Realtors/ Agents/ Brokers approach their marketing. To get credit towards your first BoxBrownie purchase, visit http://clubwealth.com/boxbrownie/.