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17 min2020 SEP 3
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What Agents Should Be Doing Right Now


When covid first hit, there was massive panic and fear about what it meant for real estate. Ultimately, because real estate was deemed an essential, most agents were not affected. In fact, many agents actually saw success like never before. 
The problem is, we’re not quite out of the woods yet. We’ve been lulled into a false sense of security. This is a temporary state, and many agents who have responded by relaxing are making a huge mistake. 
What are some of the fatal errors people in our industries are making? What are the things we should be focusing on right now, and how will they pay off in a huge way in the near future? 
In this episode, we’re joined by Real Estate Uncensored co-hosts, Greg McDaniel and Matt Johnson. We talk about the actions agents should be taking right now to have stability and growth when the market inevitably shifts. 

The biggest threat to agents and brokers right now is complacency. -Michael Hellickson 
Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 
How financial stability makes us more innovative:
Stockpiling cash isn’t just for us to deploy to grow our businesses. It also gives us the freedom, mental space, and stability to be creative and aggressively go after new opportunities. That level of creative thinking doesn’t take place when we’re worried about our next paycheck. 
Why this is a great time to bring talent into our organizations:
We have the opportunity to attract top talent now more than ever before because so many people lost their jobs. However, it’s impossible to take advantage of this newly emerged high-level workforce if we don’t have the cash or resources for it. 
The biggest mistake agents make in a crisis:
When cash becomes tight, many agents who are struggling will stop paying for lead sources and bail on their zip codes. The problem is, this will ultimately lead to the loss of our pipeline, the loss of future income, and the loss of real estate agents who expect us to provide leads.